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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a concern we take seriously

We have tried to create an easy-to-use and interpret Privacy Policy. As per Canadian Privacy Act, below is a short breakdown of what we collect, how we collect it, and when we disclose it. This is only a short statement which references sections located in our policy.

We collect PERSONAL CONTACT details in order to send newsletters, reply to questions and fulfill our programming mandates. You WILL NOT be contacted without previous permission unless we have received information which may involve harassment or an indication of threat.

We use DATA COLLECTION methods such as Google Analytics to collect details to assist in our marketing efforts including and locations to plan events, activities or outreach. We do not sell or share this information with advertiser or third parties. We may share information such as demographic data and number/type of reports from a location; to our members and sponsors to help them understand the impact we are having or where we are needed next.


Please see individual sections in the Privacy Policy for details.

How to Unsubscribe

You Can Unsubscribe to our Newsletters at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link inside the email. Please contact us if you are unable to do so and we can help.

Social Media posts should be considered “public” and accessible by all. We do delete hateful messages, but we may not be able to prevent hate speech always on social platforms.

Data Collection Services We Use

We do collect personal information to send newsletters and other informative emails. We store that information our secure servers provided by DreamHost, Google, MailChimp and Basecamp (third party service providers).

We are currently using Google Analytics on our digital platforms which include our Website and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FreshDesk and MailChimp accounts. You are not required to sign up with any third party to access our support system or access our basic public services, products and online store. Individuals do not have to sign up with a Third Party to access our services. Those who sign up with FreshDesk or other third-party services are subject to individual privacy policies from each service and we cannot ensure enforcement of our policies on those services without restrictions. For a complete list of third parties we use and links to third party privacy policies, please click here, or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Personal Data and Social Media Collection

We also use social media to share information and interact with members of the public. Any comment made from or to our third part social media platforms are not covered by our privacy policy and should be considered a part of the public domain. They are also covered by privacy policies of their respective platforms. These platforms currently include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We do not sell or share your personal details, contact information or data. With your permission, we may refer you to an outside party to better serve your needs or answer your questions. We have no plans to add advertising to the website, we hope instead to be able to fund the website through sponsorship and/or partnerships; some sponsors will have their chance to have a larger logo or graphic with a message displayed on various image sliders placed throughout the website. This ensures we have control over messages displayed to our community as well as advertisers are not profiting from the site.

Why We Are Sending You A Message

If you are receiving an email or direct message from us, you have:

a) signed up via a digital portal

b) entered one of our contests

c) sent an email or filled out a form

d) followed us on social media (please see each platforms policies)

And we are simply fulfilling what you have asked. We work very hard to ensure we are not sending information to individuals without their permission unless in accordance to applicable laws and regulations. On social media platforms, we try to target our advertising towards the LGBT and Ally community, but this is not done for all initiative and in accordance to the social media platforms privacy policy, we have a right advertise on the platform given we are in accordance with their advertising guidelines.

Indication of Threat/Hate or Abuse of a Child/Senior

If there is an indication of a threat of harm to oneself or others, violence or general threat to the public all information will be shared openly with law enforcement entities, relevant organizations and publicly shared if advised upon.

Under various Provincial Laws throughout Canada which require report information related to the potential abuse of a child. Based in Ontario, we are legally obligated to do so in relation to child abuse.

We also believe we have a moral obligation to report information related to potential abuse of a senior in a residence to provincial authorities and assist with a senior getting help who are in un-registered residence or carried for in a home environment.

It is our understanding we do not have to disclose incidents in which an adult discloses of their abuse as a child and will not do so without the permission of the individual involved.

How We are Working to Ensure Your Privacy

We do not store lists that contain contact personal details on external hard-drives without encryption and restrict those types files to be downloaded to local machines. We have also instituted device policies on all mobile devices with access to our email and file system, requiring devices to have security features in place and allowing a remote wipe of the device.

We Work to Prevent the Disclosure of Your Information

As stated above, we will disclose your private personal information such as your contact details, details and IP address in a circumstance that we are required to do so by law, and feel have an obligation to do so. This decision will not be made lightly and will be done so by our appointed Privacy Officer. We will make all efforts to work with authorities and not publicly announce personal information until charges have been laid or an investigation is formally announced and part of public information.

Any public disclosure of contact details, location and information will only be done so in the event of an immediate public threat to individuals or with consultation with law enforcement entities.

We strive to always be in accordance with the direction set out in the United Nations’ Charter of Rights of Freedoms, to ensure one’s privacy and prevent harassment or intimidation due to an individual expression of their opinion.

For any enquiries, feedback or complaints; please contact:

Attn: Privacy Officer

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201 King Street

London Ontario


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